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    Vehicle floor mats collect everything off the bottom of occupants shoes and regular carpeted mats become impossible to clean especially in winter with snow, mud and road salts. Our Supreme Auto Mats not only have a luxury look and feel, but also are tough and extra durable, and most of all easy to clean.

    Our stylish mats are designed without compromise and will enhance your vehicle by giving it a more luxurious bespoke look. Our mats are made with five layers of high quality ECO friendly materials that are waterproof and odourless.

    Every set of mats is tailored made for an exact fit by using a template that was created with an advanced laser measuring system which ensures a perfect full coverage fit for your vehicle.

    Our mats are completely functional is design and are flame resistant, waterproof and odourless. The high-end eco friendly materials used in the production make our mats scuff and scratch resistant whilst staying secure with their non-slip backing.

    Our passenger floor mats come to suit you car in 2 seat, 4 seat, 5 seat and 6, 7, 8 seat vehicles depending on the vehicle configuration or as per requirements.

    Supreme Auto Mats offer vehicle mats for over 1,000 models ranging from year 1984 onwards.


    As our mats are customised as per each vehicles make and model, the installation is very easy and will take only 5 ~ 10 minutes. Just remove your old mats and place the new mats in their place. The clips on the side should be slid under the trimming of your vehicle to ensure that the sides stay in place to protect all carpeted areas. The undersides are made of Velcro mix material making it stick to the vehicle existing carpet making it firm and secure.

    Step by Step

    • Open your new mats and lay them flat in a warn area or use a blow dryer for the material to regain its original shape. Allow about 24 hours.

    • Remove your old mats from your vehicle.

    • Clean your original carpeting so that your new mats will make full contact with the carpet to prevent slipping.

    • Then fit your mats in to place by matching the design and shape of mats into the foot well shape and pressing them into form. If your mats have it (some don't), you will see little plastic swivels, these are to hold the mats in place. They slide in behind your vehicle trim but there may also be cases where clips may not be necessary or needed when fitting. Mats will not move or shift if such a case does arise.

    • Once installed our mats will fit almost perfectly into each foot well base shapes and not necessarily follow the lining of plastic trims sometimes. Although our mats are custom made to fit the contour of your cars foot wells perfectly, there may be occurrences where the fit may be rounded or not exactly in line with your vehicles carpet or plastic trims. This can create the illusion from ones perspective the fit is actually incorrect when in fact it is correct and in line.

    • Allow the car mats a few days to bed into the shape of your vehicle, it will help If you put the heating on around the foot wells to assist them to settle into place better. On some occasions you may see a slight crease affect where the mats have bent over, this should fade over time but keep the foot heating on it and it will diminish quicker. Using a blow dryer is also an option before install and let them sit for 24 hours

    Note: To ensure correct mats, please select the correct variations for your vehicle including the number of seats, as this will affect the layout.

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