Why Choose Supreme Auto Mats

Every mat we make is made with care to ensure a perfect fit.

Our design database has over 1,000 patterns for both left and right hand drive vehicles.

Why Choose SupremeAutoMats.com
Why Choose SupremeAutoMats.com
Why Choose SupremeAutoMats.com
Why choose SupremeAutoMats.com
Why Choose SupremeAutoMats.com
Why Choose SupremeAutoMats.com

Our Mats are Custom Made when you order:

We produce each mat with the pride, care and personalized attention according to your order and vehicle model specified upon ordering. Your mats are custom made to order.

5 Layers of Supreme Auto Mats


First we start with the best quality materials to ensure a perfect look, fit and durability.

Our top layer is made using Eco Leather, which is a man made vegan friendly faux leather. It's tough as nails whilst also being non skid, moisture and flame resistant.

The second layer is a high density memory foam that gives the 3D look to the mat whilst providing support and comfort under foot.

For the third layer we use a hard wearing polypropylene resin material that gives the mat structure to insure its intended position.

The fourth layer is a soft and durable foam that gives added comfort and depth.

Our fifth layer s a unique anti-skid honeycomb material that incorporates a "velcro" style element that adheres to the original carpets to keep your mat in place.  


Laser Measured:
We use our state of the art laser scanner technology to precisely measure your vehicle to create the perfect fit. This is done using your vehicle manufacturer measurements.

Computerized Cutting:
The precise measurements are then feed into our state of the art computerized cutting machine that accurately lays out the pattern and cuts to ensure the appropriate alignment when sewn together.

Material Forming:
Rigid, yet flexible, our mats are formed to the detailed contours of your specific vehicle to protect your carpets and interior.

Luxury Stitching:
Each mat is custom stitched with hard wearing thread that embellishes the look whilst securing the top layers to ensure a beautiful and distinctive look.

Carefully Packaged & Shipped:
Prior to shipping each and every mat they are quality checked to ensure the highest standards. Our packing ensures protection that avoids damage whilst in transit.

Arriving Ready For Your Vehicle:
When your Supreme Auto Mats arrive at your door they will be ready to install, taking only 5 ~ 10 minutes.

Enjoy !